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4 Simple Steps to Incorporate New Technology

If you would like low to no cost ways to run your business, market and sell your offerings, or be flexible as to where and when you do business you need new technologies.  If you are reading this you probably feel that finding technology based solutions can be overwhelming.  There’s good reason for this.  There are countless hardware and software solutions out there and new ones being introduced everyday.   This results in there being too much to sift through and chances are you end up just sticking with what you have.   Nevertheless, these technologies can be a great benefit to your business and you shouldn’t miss out.

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DON’T PANIC! Here are four simple steps to get to some real solutions for your business.


1.Find a need

What  does your business need that doesn’t require a big shift?  Here are some examples:

  • I need easier ways to send invoices and collect payments
  • My employees are paid hourly and they need to clock in and out for jobs
  • I want to handle customer service more efficiently
  • I need GPS
  • How can I manage my customers easily?



How do you fulfill that need currently if at all?  What is going well and what isn’t?

What hardware do you have that can fulfill that need: Mobile Devices, Computers, Laptops, GPS, etc.


3.Use Tunnel Vision

Search but be specific.  Try “Manage Customers Online”,  “Employee punch card solutions”, or “Send Invoices iPhone”



Take a few possible solutions and look for reviews.  For mobile apps you can always read reviews in the App Store or Google Play.  I recommend CNET.com for everything else.


For anyone trying to utilize technology this method really takes away the frustration and filters out all the crazy distractions.  If this seems like too much you can always hire a consultant.   I do a technology assessment that combines all these steps as well as get to know more about you, your working and learning styles, then present solutions based on all that information. Check out http://iamdamienjones.com/consult


Do you have your own suggestions?  Add them in the comments or email me damien@futurelotus.com

Damien Jones is aiming for Renaissance Man. He’s a father, husband, entrepreneur, musician, producer, and all around enthusiast. Has held leadership positions in various music, political, and non profit organizations. He was also a leader and teacher of sales and leadership for a national wireless carrier. He currently does Business and Technology consulting as well as contributes to projects related to the arts and advocacy. You can learn more at www.iamdamienjones.com eps to Incorporate New Technology






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