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5 Reasons to Hire Your Mobile Device


Currently, over half of all mobile devices are smart phones in the U.S. Nearly a quarter of all people in the world currently use smart phones. Tablet usage is also on the rise.  According to a Business Insider article from 2013 studies on mobile device usage vary from 1- 2 hours a day on average.   I believe that so many people fall into two extremes in that spectrum.  On one hand, you have so many Smart phone and Tablet users that barely know the basics of their devices.  On the other, you have the power user who lives on their phone. With every notification they get, you lose them for a few minutes.  Seeing that mobile devices are becoming integrated into so many people’s day and entrepreneurs are not immune.  If you are a business owner, freelancer, or overworked manager and have ever thought about hiring an assistant, I have the perfect candidate: your mobile device.  If you currently own a smart phone or tablet or find yourself considering making the leap here are five reasons to hire your device.

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You most likely spend too much time on it now!

If you are the power user who lives on your phone why not reclaim some of that time for your business. There is only so much time you can spend arguing on Facebook about who is to blame for the Brewer’s slump or whether or not Walking Dead is still good show is that just me?  The silly YouTube videos aren’t going anywhere so consider spending some of that time growing your business, keeping things organized, or learning.

It is an expensive investment

Devices and services just aren’t cheap. Even prepaid plans can cost a lot up front.  Wireless plans can be reach and exceed $1000 annually per person depending on your mobile data needs.   For those people who don’t spend much time on your device and you have a business, are you getting the most out of your mobile device investment? Getting the most out of your device not only helps you in a lot of ways, its good business sense!

Your mobile device can make you money!

Not just utilize your investment but earn a return! Take payments, manage invoices, connect with existing and potential customers, or run your E-commerce mobile devices                can help your business grow!  You can even use your device to make sure you’re saving money on business costs as well.

When used properly it makes your life easier

Stay connected with employees, clients, and customers.  Keep home and work schedule and in order.  Manage your business on the go.  You can take the office with you         and also turn off that access when its time to be away from work.  With the proper setup you can run your business from your mobile device whenever; wherever.

All the benefits of not being human

I do not want to overshadow the importance of having a strong competent work force.  At the same time, wouldn’t it be nice to add some productivity, and efficiency to your business without having to add the expenses of a new hire?  How about not worrying about a device having an off day or drinking the last of the coffee?  Since robots will rule us someday you might as well let the machines work for you as much as you can while we are still in charge!






Damien Jones , small business milwaukee, mobile milwaukee, mobile phones milwaukee, Future Lotus About the author

Damien Jones is aiming for Renaissance Man.  He’s a father, husband, entrepreneur, musician, producer, and all around enthusiast. Has held leadership positions in various music, political, and non profit organizations before building two start ups.  In those companies, Damien oversaw the production of over 100 events, a reunion show for a national act, two festivals, and developed a specialized computer product line. He then went on to lead a successful sales team for a National Wireless carrier focusing on building business acumen and personal development over managing quotas which has led to superior business results. He also taught sales and leadership for existing and new associates.  With Future Lotus, Damien is taking his expertise to assist artists and businesses achieve their business goals by utilizing technology specializing in mobile solutions

5 Reasons to Hire Your Mobile Device

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