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5 ways to expand your contact list in MKE



Curious how to expand your contact list? Need to expand your reach to sell more product? Here are some ideas on how to do this in Milwaukee, where small businesses are growing each day.


Constant Contact holds seminars periodically in Milwaukee for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for new ways to expand their reach. If you email blast through Constant Contact, this is a good way to expand your list. Not only do they teach how how to get your word out effectively, but you are able to network with other small businesses who are there for the same reason (which automatically breaks the ice!). Speaking from a personal experience, all it takes it “Hi, what’s your business” during the coffee breaks to get a buyers contact information, which results in building a relationship with a rather large Milwaukee company.


-Using MeetUp.com is another great way to network. Small Biz MKE already hosts networking events through Meetup so you could easily attend those or sign up for your own, tailoring the events to the interest group you are trying to reach.


WWBIC holds events and luncheons specifically to educate small businesses and entrepreneurs. Though these events are not free, it may be worth the money to attend and network. WWBIC is a great resource, especially for women business owners.


– Check out the website, MilwaukeeDowntown.Com, they have a list of various organizations that host various networking events, depending on your business. Female business owners looking for other female businesses? Go to Femfessionals Networking In Milwaukee. Networking After Work Milwaukee brings not only Milwaukee business owners together but out of state businesses as well, broadening your reach beyond the city.


These are just some ideas on how to grow your contact list. Simply getting out in your neighborhood and attending town meetings is easy word of mouth for your business. Sign up for weekly newsletters from OnMilwaukee and see which new businesses are opening up, this is a great way to reach out to them to offer your services. If you and your business work events like street festivals or markets, put out a paper for email sign ups to encourage those that like your product to stay in touch.


My company recently worked a street fair, my supervisor simply said “hello” to our booth neighbor and now, 2 months later, we’ve partnered with them to create an amazing product. Not only did we create a new product, we are now able to tap into their contact list.


Do not take contact information down just to say you were able to get a contact, make meaningful contacts-will this person benefit you? could they help you down the line? could you help them and possibly get a job out of it? You never know what could come from networking. Work on your elevator pitch, get a clean batch of business cards and get out there.


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Chelsea is an administrative support for hire specifically for small local businesses. She works for a small local company in her neighborhood, Bay View, and believes local businesses are the building blocks of a community

5 ways to expand your contact list in MKE

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