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Business owners face many challenges, and financing your new or growing company can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. Luckily, the Milwaukee area is bursting with ways to get funding – be it from a loan or an investment in your company. Looking for money locally helps you keep your business local, too. Check out the following categories to understand how your business can get local financial business help.


If you’re just getting off the ground

Biz Starts Milwaukee provides services to entrepreneurs, including coaching and mentoring, business plan assistance, networking events,  and last but not least, connections. Biz Starts is well-known in the community and can provide connections to investment and capital for businesses that are just getting started or for those that are looking to grow.


If you’re woman-owned

The Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation educates and assists women in becoming successful business owners. Known as WWBIC for short, this organization helps women realize their business dreams – be it starting a business or growing one you already have. In addition to education, WWBIC offers business loans up to $100,000.


If you’re in the food & beverage industry

Meet CraftFund, a crowdfunding platform that is designed to meet the funding needs of craft food and drink makers. CraftFund is an equity crowdfunder, which basically means that you can sell shares of your business to the general public. People visit CraftFund, and if they like your mission, they invest. Gone are the days of only selling stock in your company through the stock market!


If you’re looking for investors

Fund Milwaukee may be able to help. Focused solely on the Milwaukee metro area, Fund Milwaukee matches investors and businesses that are looking for investment. To date, Fund Milwaukee’s members have directed over $1 million in funds to local businesses and organizations.


If you’re looking for a loan

One of the best ways to get a business loan is through a local credit union. Credit unions typically have lower rates on loans, they’re easier to borrow from, and you’re supporting another local business by borrowing from them. There are many local credit unions – check out Brewery Credit Union, Educators Credit Union, Equitable Bank and Focus Credit Union.


Have you ever taken out a loan or raised investment for your business? Anything to add to this list? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.




Jackie Steinmetz





5 ways to get local financial business help

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