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We’ve all heard of Google+ but most of us either don’t use it because they don’t have Gmail or they don’t use it because they don’t know how. Well the best way to jump into the Google+ community is this week, National Small Business Week!

Yesterday, May 12th, President Obama announced this week is National Small Business Week, as a way to recognize all the hard working entrepreneurs that keep this economy working. What does this have to do with Google+? Google has created a Small Business Community social network within Google+, a place where entrepreneurs and small business owners can connect, exchange ideas and support each other.  Since its soft launch, this community now has over 8,000 members-that’s 8,00 small business owners just like you out there asking the same questions, what a support group!

It’s pretty simple, you join Google+, create a business page for your business and then join the Small Business Community. They say the best way to introduce yourself to the community is to use hashtags. We cannot run away from hashtags! It’s the easiest way to get your business out there and to find people who are looking for similar things as you are.

It gets even better, for this week only, Google+ is offering $20 off any Help Out session you’d like. The Help Out page was created by Google specifically for the Small Business Community, on this page you get one on one video sessions with any expert in the field you are having difficulty with. Need a strong marketing strategy? Purchase a one on one video with a top marketing executive to help lay some ground work. Some sessions are free and some have a fee, so take advantage of this deal of $20 off!

Once National Small Business Week is over, though it is never over for us small business owners, the Google Community will serve as a great place to network, it will provide daily posts and weekly trainings. There will also be a team of Google advisors there to answer any of your questions any time you find yourself stuck.

This is a great way to support small businesses in the US. Small Businesses create 2 out of 3 jobs and pay 44% of America’s payroll. Let’s keep moving forward and hopefully by next year, those numbers will grow.


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Google+ offers Discounts for Help Outs during Small Business Week

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