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Free and Paid Ways to Advertise Locally


Wearable Ads

Local printing company Lion Press Ink’s Wearable ads are a great  way to promote your Small Business in the Milwaukee area. These t-shirts are made to promote your small business at local events such as Summerfest, State Fair, etc. We hand out these shirts for free! 

Wearable ads are inexpensive too! Starting at just $60.00 for your spot on 100 shirts, your ad will be seen over and over again.

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Contact for more information here about Wearable Ads



Website Advertising Spots

We update our website almost daily with new content, guest blogs, and upcoming events in Milwaukee.

We also send out an Newsletter twice a month that we can promote your business on.

Choose one or more of  the inexpensive ways to promote your local business on our website.

Maybe you want to have your advertisement on the front page of our website for everyone to see

or on the pages of the guest blogs.

Try out one today!

advertising small business milwaukee,Advertise with us

Need advertising designed for you?

Check out our prices.


Local Event Promotion


Let us help you promote your local upcoming events.

Have a Press Release? Send it over and we will put it in our notes on our Facebook Page, add it our website blog and promote it on our  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ Page.


No Press Release? That is ok, just write up an article about your event and include an image or two and send it over. 


We will add it to our website blog and promote it on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ pages.



Need More?

For just $20 we will also promote your article about your event to our additional groups and pages for a wider audience. 


Don’t forget to also take advantage of the ad spaces available on the website. Advertise your event for a few months before to get more readers.


Build your small business with us with

free advertising techniques!


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