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Best CRMs for Small Business



No matter how small or large your business. using a Customer Relationship Management solution (commonly known as a CRM) to keep track of your customers, prospective customers and interactions with both groups is a good idea. As your business grows, this will be vital information for not only you, but for others to access. But where do you start?


Small businesses often assume that CRMs aren’t for them – and they’re right, some aren’t. You don’t need a CRM with all the latest and greatest functionality (and the pricetag to go with it) to manage your information efficiently. These four (free or cheap) CRM solutions are a perfect place to start:


1. Base CRM


Price: Free to try, starts at $15/mo. (see pricing)


I’ve used a handful of CRM solutions in my professional career, and Base CRM is hands-down the easiest to use. There are a number of ways to get contacts into Base and maintaining them is easy. You can send your emails directly to a Base account and the drag-and-drop functionality lets you move prospective clients through your sales funnel quickly and easily.


2. Podio


Price: Free!


I used Podio to manage leads in my past life as the owner of a local cookie company. The best part about it was, frankly, that it’s free! It has all the basic functionality you need: contact management, the ability to add notes and move a prospect through sales stages. It’s not quite as intuitive as Base, but again, free!


3. Insightly


Price: Free to start!


The only CRM I haven’t used on this list, it’s hard not to be drawn in my Insightly’s concise messaging and well-designed website. The price is right for small businesses with up to 2,500 records totally free, and only $7 per month for up to 100,000 records. The second level also integrates with Google Calendar and MailChimp, two very popular small business tools.


4. Salesforce.com


Price: Free to try, starts at $25/mo.


Salesforce.com is one of the more popular CRMs and there is a lot you can do with it. For very small businesses (like a one-man or one-woman shop), some of the functionality may be slightly overwhelming. But if you’d like to eventually be able to integrate with marketing automation and a whole slew of other tools, starting with Salesforce.com is for you!


Have any questions about the solutions above or another CRM for small businesses that I missed? Be sure to leave a comment below.


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Jackie Steinmetz

Best CRMs for Small Business


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