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Brew Your Skill & Network coming to Milwaukee

Brew Your Skill & Network is a monthly event for dedicated Milwaukee professionals who strive to develop their skills and succeed within their business. Boost your core business skills over beverages every first Tuesday of the month at Ale Asylum Riverhouse from 4 – 6PM with an hour of networking from 6 – 7PM.

Founded in the summer of 2014, Brew Your Skill & Network gained momentous success in the Chicagoland area. HFI Consulting built Brew Your Skill & Network to help the professional and entrepreneur community grow their businesses. To bring this workshop and networking event to Milwaukee means they get to help more Midwest professionals gain the knowledge to build best businesses in town!

Brew Your Skill & Network’s events are as follows:


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Situational Selling – April 7th
Are you a sales rep striving to be the best? A business leader looking for new methods to improve your sales process? Not a “sales rep”? This workshop is even for you! Sales impacts all of us, every day. You will leave this workshop with new sales tactics, how to approach your sales pitch, and strategies to close the deal. Start Q2 off right with sharpened core skills!

Problem Solving – May 5th
Get it right! Many times business owners, executives, or associates try to solve problems and/or challenges within the business, but their problem still exists. In this session we will discuss why this happens, how to avoid, and how to truly dig deep into your core issues, so that you solve the RIGHT problem with the RIGHT solution.

Effective Coaching – June 2nd
Whether you are leading employees or leading clients, coaching plays a vital role in your ability to transfer skill to increase that individuals performance. Its a skill that contributes to tangible business results. Learn how to choose the right style management for each type of person to become an even better leader at this month’s workshop. ​


For more information visit Brew your Skill


Situational Selling – April 7th

Problem Solving – May 5th

Effective Coaching – June 2nd

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