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Of course you still need a website!


Small businesses have the ability to pivot much faster when it comes to adopting new technology.  This gives them an unique opportunity to lead the way for technology innovation and adoption.  First things first, a website.   No, your social media page won’t cut it, neither will a Yelp page or other user ratings sites.  A website is your home base where your customers can find you, learn about you, and do more with the right tools setup on your site.

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It can be a place for people to get to all your social media profiles or the destination they can click to on your social media profiles to close a sale.  Use it to write a blog and show your customers why they need you or your products.  On your site, you are the expert in your field until someone tells you otherwise.  Ultimately, your website is how you can control the way customers experience you and your services on the internet.



3 easy ways to start a site

1.Do it your self

Buy a domain and hosting service.  Most hosting services offer free website builders or a blog service like wordpress or weebly.  There are a lot of free and inexpensive templates that can build a simple stylish site that barely resembles a blog. I recommend Bluehost.com or ipage.com


2.Use a self help service

There are a lot of web based easy to use website builders that can also handle hosting and domain registration.  You can have a great looking site in a short amount time.  These sites normally cost more than a regular hosting service, at the same time what you get is a lot more user friendly than just a regular hosting company.  I recommend Squarespace.com.


3.Hire somebody

If all this seems a confusing or frustrating, then hiring a designer or consultant would be your best bet.  Focus on what makes you great and let other people handle the website work.  What I do differently in my web development work is I am willing to teach you how to update your site on your own from a computer and/or mobile device if you so wish.  Check out http://iamdamienjones.com/consult


Bottom line is if you don’t have a website, you should get one ASAP!



Damien Jones , small business milwaukee, mobile milwaukee, mobile phones milwaukee, Future Lotus

Damien Jones is aiming for Renaissance Man. He’s a father, husband, entrepreneur, musician, producer, and all around enthusiast. Has held leadership positions in various music, political, and non profit organizations. He was also a leader and teacher of sales and leadership for a national wireless carrier. He currently does Business and Technology consulting as well as contributes to projects related to the arts and advocacy. You can learn more at www.iamdamienjones.com

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