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Discover Which Goddess Personality Suits You


With 30 years of experience leading classes just like this one, Sunni Boehme is equipped to teach you the goddess archetypes and how to use your archetype to better your life.

On March 18th, at the Serenity Health Care center for Integrative Wellness in Waukesha, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m, Sunni will be leading a workshop for women to guide them in goddess archetypes.

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Are you similar to Athena, who loves to learn, read and knit? Hera is the goddess of marriage, loyalty, and commitment, could that be you?
Maybe you find yourself often saying “anything you can do, I can do better?” If so, you could be Artemis who loves animals and a good competition.

Find out the other six goddess archetypes by contacting Sunni Boehme and signing up for the event. You’ll be surprised to see how insightful your results will be!

Sunni will be there to help lead you in interpreting your results and will be providing helpful tips to gain more satisfaction in your life and feel content.

R.S.V.P.s are necessary, so email Sunni at sunni.boehme@gmail.com. Sunni will send out the quiz to you via email, and you can bring in your scores to the event. You will be able to hear what the top three scores on your chart mean for you, your relationships, career and strengths.

Attend the event and learn something new about your inner self and how to resolve conflicts originating from different archetype personalities clashing. You will be able to relate to other women as you can a greater understanding of yourself and your unique strengths.

The cost to attend the event is 20 dollars for one attendee, or bring a friend and only pay 30 dollars for two.

Serenity Health Care center for Integrative Wellness is located at 2607 N. Grandview Blvd, (Hwy.T), suite 150, Waukesha.

Sunni has a Masters degree in Psychology and has been using this quiz and information with each of her women coaching clients in their private sessions to feel more empowered.

For more information, visit www.sunniboehme.com, sunniboehmebooks.blogspot.com


“Maggie Schleicher is a freelance photojournalist and content writer with a passion for history, serving others and challenges. www.mschleicherblog.wordpress.com”
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