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Email Newsletter Tips for Small Business


Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers while keeping your marketing budget low. A great way to start email marketing for your business is by creating a newsletter. However, it can be a bit scary and overwhelming because it does require a commitment.. Having this regular communication will provide your customers a way to build loyalty with your company while receiving the information that they want directly into their inbox. After you decide to start a newsletter, decide how often you want to send it out and who should receive it. Create content for the newsletter by simply rounding up industry specific news or things happening around your office. It’s easier than you think!

Here are a few tips to ensure your email newsletter campaign is successful.

Make Subscribing Easy Make sure that your website, your blog and even your social media pages have ways for your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. You can’t keep in contact with your customers if you don’t have their contact information. Make it easy for them to give it to you. It is suggested that on a website, the newsletter sign up be very obvious and on the homepage. Don’t hide it within the text of the page. Make it stand out.

Welcome Them It’s always a great idea to send a confirmation/welcome email. It reminds people why they are on your list and allows you the chance to thank them for their loyalty. You can even offer a special coupon or offer as a bonus for signing up for your emails. Most email programs such as MailChimp and Constant Contact have very simple ways to send out automated emails to customers once they have given you their email address.

Make An Offer When people are asked if they want to receive your newsletter, make sure you tell them what they will get out of the deal. People are not very likely to give you their email without getting something in return. Think about how will the customer benefit from signing up for your emails. Maybe it’s a free consultation offer, maybe it’s exclusive news only found in your newsletter. Get creative with it. There are lots of reasons why people should want your newsletter. Tell them the value.

Short and Sweet Learn to say more with less. Your subscribers are busy people who get a lot of email, so you will need to make your point fast. Break up your text into shorter paragraphs, include subheadings and use images to break things up and make it easier to scan. Once you get the customer interested in what you have to say you can always finish your message on a landing page on your website.

Don’t SPAM Many small businesses have sent out a spam email or two because they didn’t know any better. You can avoid this by reading up on the CAN-SPAM act and educating yourself on what should and should not be included in your email. Make sure that you are only sending emails to people that have specifically told you that they want to receive them. Just because you have someone’s email address does not mean that you are allowed to send your email marketing to them. Email service providers offer tools to help you avoid spamming so be sure to use them. And don’t forget the Unsubscribe button!


Before starting a newsletter, make sure it’s a sustainable commitment that will help you achieve your business goals. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your subscribers’ time and your own time. It’s a great idea to hire a freelancer who is in charge of your schedule, branding and content. They can help you keep focused on your company’s goals and are usually much cheaper than going with a large agency.



Kelly Mottl, Owner at Kelly Mottl Photography & Design

Kelly’s background includes website design, email marketing and photography.  Her 10 years of experience make her an all around great resource for your small business.  You can connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+!
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Email Newsletter Tips for Small Business


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