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As a small business owner , it sometimes can be a challenge to find effective ways to advertise that are inexpensive and worthy of  your time. We offer a variety of ways for you to advertise your small business with us for free!


Free ways to advertise with us


  • Join our Directory!

You can join our Directory for free by just entering in your Business Facebook Page. In return you will be automatically signed up on our Bi-weekly newsletter. Our newsletter talks about local social media classes, new activities in Milwaukee and local opportunities for Small Business owners.

Directory listings are on every page of our website except the home page. As the website keeps growing, so does your exposure of your listing. People looking for Milwaukee related subjects will stumble upon our pages as well as people looking specifically for information on the site.

Should you choose to update to your listing to the paid listing where you can add a logo and other links to your pages, you will also receive a list of  local directories that you add your information too!


  • Write a blog for us!

Write a blog about anything you know that other local small business owners would want to read about. Inspire others to keep going in their business. There is a list of ideas that you can start with or come up with something completely on your own. The way that this brings about free advertising is by putting your contact information at the bottom of the blog. The blog then gets put on our website, with the directory on it’s right side. We also put it on our social media accounts as well. As our accounts keep growing you will gain more and more exposure. All for free. Write us a blog every month!.

More information about blogging


  • Donations

Donations are another way you can advertise your product or service not so much for free , but with the just expense of your cost. Every week we hold social media classes with small business owners. This is a great opportunity for you to get your product or service out in front of other local business owners. Please contact us for more information about this option.


  •  Social Media Promotion

Let us promote your business on our social media accounts. Contact us through:

Facebook -ask us to Post events, activities , specials, etc on our page , ask us to post your upcoming events in our notes and post anything you like on our wall.

(The option is also there if you want us to boost the post to all of our fans for more exposure!) Just ask!

Twitter – Contact us to retweet or mention you

Pinterest -have us follow you, we’ll repin your pins

Google+ – have us follow you, we’ll like and share your posts.


  •  Are you a graphic designer?

We always looking for graphic designers to team up with. Show off your stuff by designing a graphic or two or more for our social media accounts. All we ask is that you put your logo and our logo on the image and that you are local. Great for freelance designers and new graduates! Contact us for more information on this option!


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  • Be a Speaker at one of our classes or Networking events! 

Promote your skills and your business by being a speaker at one of our events! We offer many classes and events that you can be a speaker at. Contact us for more information and visit the meet-up site to see the class schedule.




Paid Ways to Advertise!


  •  Purchase an Advertising spot on the website! 

  • Purchase a Directory Listing

  • Purchase advertising on our Directory Pages

  • Purchase spots to advertise your networking event on our Calender






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