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How Free Website Design Cheats You

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Wedding season has finally come to a close.  I am putting the camera away more often and relying on the laptop consistently now. During this time I have time to focus on my website design clients.  I do everything from simple online catalog edits to complete design overhauls.  When I am asked to do a complete redesign of a site, it is usually because they started out with a “free” or “cheap” option and now are ready to beef up the site a bit.  They have found that their website just isn’t what they had hoped.

The old “you get what you pay for!” saying is true even when it comes to website design.  In today’s business world, everyone has a tight marketing budget and the website is often the easiest way to cut a corner or two. But using free online software to create a business website is a bad idea for more reasons than I can count.  A cheap website is always just that – cheap!  Is that how your want your company to be perceived?  Probably not.

I normally don’t have a hard time telling a free website from a professionally designed website.  Some of the things I look for are ads at the top or bottom of the pages, email addresses that are not from that domain, or links to free website design software at the bottom of the page.  Sometimes I can tell if it is free website by looking at the functionality.  Most of the free website design software out there comes equipped with predetermined functions that almost every website in the world has.  Nothing customized.  Nothing creative.  There are so many ways for people with professional design skills to capture leads on your website these days.  Why would you want to potentially lose your audience because you are restricted by the services that the software is limited to?

Many of the free web design software tools have been around for a really long time.  They adapted bad SEO habits years ago and they are still trying to get back into good standing with search engines.  Search engines will often not send as much traffic to those sites because they don’t trust them.  The last thing you want to do is have your web design software be a hindrance on what your ranking is on Google!

Have you ever started creating a new website for yourself with free website software and then realized it was harder than you thought and you had to call in a designer anyway?  This happens all the time – you are not alone.  It often takes more money to fix a broken website than to just hire a professional from the beginning.  Free is great until something breaks.  Then it’s not free anymore!!


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Kelly Mottl

If you need help designing a website, I would love to help you. I am not free, but I am affordable and experienced.  I will help you get your site up and running at a cost that you can afford!  Contact me to set up a time to talk at 262-442-5133!


















How Free Website Design Cheats You

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