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Be part of our site by writing for our fans of Milwaukee and surrounding areas. This a free way for you to advertise locally.

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To be a guest Blogger:

1. Have a website

2. Be knowledgeable in the blog you are going to write. The Blog may not be about your business. The Blog may be about knowledge of a subject that relates to your business. Examples are listed below of topics that would be acceptable.

3. Blog must be at least 500 words

4. Provide at least one Image you have the rights of (we can help with this :) )

5. 1 Link to your Business Facebook page/webpage and a picture of you is required at the  bottom of your blog

6. You can write up to 2 blogs for us every month if approved

7. The Blog must be written for us. We won’t except previous written blogs for other sites.



 Some of the places where we Share your Blog!

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Small Business Milwaukee Linkedin Group

Various other local LinkedIn Groups


YC Hacker News



Blog Ideas

tips for facebook
tips for twitter
tips for pinterest
tips for instagram
tips for google+
tips for utube
your favorite social media site
your favorite social media tool
your favorite plug-ins for your website
your favorite places online to advertise your business
where do you advertise your events online
where to get financial help for your small business
online resources to help begin your small business
tips you use to get blog writing ideas
how did you start your business plan
how did you get started in your business
should you incorporate or form an LLC
things to know for your taxes
trademarks and copywrites
how to set up your home to work from out of it




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