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Intro to Dancing For Weddings – Social Style


Social Style’s “Intro to Dancing for Weddings” is coming soon! Intro to Dancing Weddings Social Style! If you are getting married, or attending a few weddings this year – get started with the introductory class to learn a few sweet moves for the dance floor! We recommend starting 3- 12 months before the event Don’t wait – – Register today!

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Location: Social Style Dance – 3562 Hillside Drive, Delafield, WI 53018

Time: 4 Week Session, Mondays @ 8:10pm. February 5th – February 26th 2018

Cost: $100/Couple for 4 Weeks


How Social Style Was Born

The day I made my decision to own my own dance studio was the day a husband came to me at my first job as a dance instructor. I had been teaching him and his wife for about a year at the time, and I loved working with them. He asked to meet with me privately, and we went into a small office. Immediately he started crying, and I was quite surprised. He was a kind, gentle man, but seeing him cry was the last thing I expected.

He said to me, “You saved my marriage. We were on the brink, we didn’t think we could ever be in love with each other again. You changed that. Thank you.” And then he walked out.

I’ve always been old-fashioned and kind of a hopeless romantic in the way that I believe couples who are married should always try to make each other happy, and find new ways to fall in love again. She asked him to take dance lessons with her, and he said yes. That one yes led to him being so happy to have back the love that they used to share that he cried. That day changed my life. I realized that I wasn’t just teaching couples how to dance together. I was teaching them to communicate better, have more fun together and sometimes how to bring back the intimacy in their relationship. Dancing offers so much more than just patterns to move you around the floor. If you want to rekindle feelings you used to have for one another, this is an amazing and very fun way to do it. And I would be honored to help you do that!


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