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Join The Small Business  Directory
Join our Milwaukee area Small Business Directory! Free and paid options. View the options here. Scroll down the page to enter in your information. We will contact you with questions and/or when your listing is added. All listings are added by hand.


Free Fan Page Listing

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Business Face Book Page links are free.

Example: smallbusinessMilwaukee

This is a Milwaukee area and surrounding areas only Directory. If your location is not listed on the side, just let us know and if it is within a reasonable distance from Milwaukee we will add it.

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SHOPSMALLMKE is a website for small business owners and freelancers who are looking to promote themselves locally. A yearly listing is $15.00 and to be a featured listing it is only $39.99 a year! Benefits include:


Local advertising

Ratings and Reviews

Contact Availability



Login to change your own listing as needed

Own Page listing

Google Maps location listing

Business Tags

Specific Categories

and many more…..

Visit SHOPSMALLMKE to see more!




8 reasons why you want to put your  Business Face Book Page (Fan page) or website in a Directory


  1. Brings targeted traffic to your Fan Page/website, increase your page rank
  2. providing a back link to your website and/or fan  page
  3. reach more of your potential customers, increase your sale, and profit
  4. Be found in online search results
  5. Provide a picture, links and content about your fan page
  6. Increase your likes on your fan page
  7. Brand recognition- the more consumers see your fan page….
  8. Save money – cheaper than other advertising


          Why should you pay for a listing in addition to using free directory listings?

There are more than a handful of free directories that you can list your  website for free such as; Google Places , Bing , Yahoo! , Yelp , Merchant Circle , Yellow , Supermedia , Yellow Book , Citysearch , MapQuest and, and you should put your website into as many directories as you can. The more links back to your webpage the better.  There are many directories that also require a payment and most of those directories are handled by people and not automated. The paid Directories allow you to be more personalized, maybe provide a wider amount of categories that you can advertise in and allow you to update your listings and content.

Small Business Milwaukee’s  directory is for your Fan Page, website and any other social media platform you may be on, with the emphasis on your fan page. Why would you want to put your fan page in a directory?  Well, since fan pages have come along, some people don’t even have websites, they just have a Fan page. They use the fan page as their website. They can communicate, advertise and have an online presence with just the use of a fan page. Another reason is backlinks to your Fan page are just as beneficial as backlinks to your website. They provide the same advantages listed above.

In your paid listing  you can provide a picture, a link to your fan page and other social media platform you are on, a description of your services or business, and other contact information. Your listing will be put in the categories of  type of business or service and your area. A listing only runs $35.00 for a year but you can list your Business Face Book page for Free!


Join The Small Business  Directory

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  1. Kimberly Scott

    Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to share my business with your following! Please add my business facebook page to your free listing. Thank you
    Kimberly Scott


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