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 Milwaukee needs Marketing


The other week, I was browsing the business section of the Journal Sentinel when something tragic caught my eye.


Milwaukee’s new Third Ward gastropub Prodigal is closing.

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photo from Milwaukee Magazine


A brief history on the building that housed Prodigal: Prior to Prodigal, the nightclub Moct was what resided in the Pittsburgh Avenue garage-like establishment. Moct went out of business and it was months before Prodigal got its launch.


A different history on the building: It was where the love of my life and I went on our first unofficial date. And once Prodigal moved in, we made a new memory of the location by patronizing the restaurant and enjoying a beautiful fall day in Brew City.


But now all those memories are on hold, waiting for someone else to turn the Third Ward location into a new, most likely temporary pub or eatery that we might establish a new memory in. But they’ll only be temporary if the new establishment can’t develop some shred of a following. What could possibly solve this?


Marketing; Milwaukee needs marketing.


Video marketing is huge; there’s no question. In my business, I’ve made it the most high quality and price conscious means of marketing while standing out from the rest, whether you’re a restaurant or a boutique store. I can produce a television-quality commercial for even the tightest budgets in Milwaukee, so now is a better time than ever to conquer the video marketing in whatever industry.


Graphic design of any kind, print or web, is here to stay. It is imperative that businesses keep their branding up to date, fresh-looking and young. Dually, it must appeal to all demographics and age groups, no matter what you sell. Again, there’s no reason for a business to have to skimp on web and print branding materials because of financial constraints.


I want to be the one to pioneer an affordable way to market all small and medium businesses in Milwaukee. I don’t want to see any more businesses like Moct and Prodigal fall by the wayside solely because they couldn’t afford to get the word out. Affordable marketing can and will save many businesses.


I want to change the world, but most importantly I want to change my hometown; good ol’ Milwaukee.


Rest in peace Prodigal; long live everyone’s entrepreneurial dreams. Remember, you need marketing. Let me make it as affordable as possible for you!


Bradely Kroll, Video producer and multimedia marketing professional



Milwaukee needs Marketing

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