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A New Year  –  A New You  


Tips for a great professional portrait


It’s up to you to look amazing and project what you visualize about yourself onto your photograph.  These tips along with a great portrait photographer will help!


First, spend a little time looking at portraits on professional websites like LinkedIn.  Copy a few pictures that you like for reference.  Think about what makes the photograph resonate with you.  What does the picture say about the person?  Does it say that this person cares about what they do?  Does the picture shout professionalism?  Are their eyes direct and visible?  Does the lighting make them shine?  Does the clothing suit the person?


Then start to visualize what you want your picture to look like.   What feeling do you want to project, warmth, confidence, honesty, that you are trustworthy?  What do you want to say to your potential client or to someone you would like to hire you?  Do you want to stand out?  What would tell your viewer a little about you?


A portrait of a lawyer would be much different from the portrait of a comedian.   However here are some basic ideas to think about to help you look amazing.


Look neat and styled by getting a great haircut, including beard, mustache and eyebrows.  If you love the way your hairstylist does your hair, have him or her style it for you before your photo session.  If you prefer to do your own hair make sure it is well styled with minimum fly-aways and separations.  Keep hair styled away from your eyes so they can be well seen.


Your clothing should make you glow and not detract from you.  Some people can wear bold colors and look great, others need neutral or softer colors.  A color that brings out your eyes is usually a good choice.  Dress appropriately for your career.  Clothing should fit well and be pressed.  Simple is usually best.  Bring several outfits to wear.


Wear powder or makeup to reduce shine and smooth your skin.  Keep it natural, but you can add emphasis to eyes, lips or cheeks.  Tone down sparkly or shiny makeup because it reflects too much light for photographs.  Bring your makeup along, in case you need a touchup.  Another option is to hire a professional makeup artist, which I highly recommend.  A professional makeup artist will use the appropriate colors and make sure you look polished.  Most hair salons have makeup artists.


Jewelry can be very reflective and distracting, bring several options with you.


The use of positive affirmations can work well for you, especially if you are nervous about getting your picture taken.  Before and during your session, say a few affirmations to yourself.  Here are a few examples:  I am professional, funny, confident, honest, trustworthy, intelligent.  Or I look amazing, beautiful, handsome, creative.  Use whatever resonates with you.


Hire a professional that specializes in portraits, knows how to use light to compliment you, and that has the ability to help you relax and capture your personality.  This will help project the feeling you want your viewer to know about you.


A professional portrait shows that you care about your business and how you represent yourself.  Help your business grow by looking like the professional you are and attracting the clients you desire!




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Stacy Kaat Photographer




Book a traditional business portrait session, bring 4 or more friends or business associates, and you’ll each get a business portrait for $50.00.  Price includes one retouched picture in two file sizes, one for LinkedIn and a large file for website and other uses.  Extra retouched files are $25 each.  This can be done at my studio near Bay View or I can bring the studio to you!


Stacy Kaat Photographer   




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A New Year  –  A New You

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