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Over 50 Social Media Updates for December 2015

Over 50 Social Media Updates for December 2015

Marketing your small business is about having consumers see your business, trust in your brand and having the benefit of receiving great customer service, products and value for their dollar.

There are many, many ways to market or advertise your small business product or service. One of the best ways is by using social media. But social media is constantly changing and in order to be effective in your marketing on social media, you have to know how to use it.

 Here are Over 50 Social Media Updates for December 2015.


  1. Facebook begins selling concert tickets directly on events pages
  2. Facebook’s new tools to help the blind navigate social media
  3. Facebook to enable viewing of Apple’s animated photos
  4. Facebook Live Video Stream Now Available for Verified Pages
  6. Facebook’s Fast-Loading ‘Instant Articles’ Hit Android
  7. Facebook Now Lets You Order an Uber Ride Through Its Messenger App


  1. Twitter Granted Patent for Drone Technology
  2. ‘Drone selfies’: Twitter wants to develop drones controlled by tweets
  3. Official Twitter App for BlackBerry Is Here
  4. What is Twitter Moments? ‘Most important feature ever’ launches for United Kingdom users
  5. Twitter Warns Some Users About Possible Hacking Threats
  6. Turkey fines Twitter for content allegedly ‘praising terror’
  7. Twitter is now delivering ads to users without accounts
  8. Official Twitter for Windows 10 app updated to version 4.3 with Pull to Refresh, Moments


  1. Google Building App To Compete With Facebook Messenger, Others In 2-Billion User Market
  2. Google Wants To Eliminate Password Login
  3. Ford and Google are apparently in talks to build self-driving cars together
  4. Introducing the Google Earth Blog Santa Tracker
  5. Google Provides Virtual Reality Video Tour Of The White House
  6. Google Prepping Split-Screen View for Android Tablets Google wants to make Hangouts better at Hangouts, planning to strip SMS support to do so
  7. Google Releases API For “Google My Business” Local Listings
  8. Google will soon let you translate messages in other languages without switching apps
  9. Google Now on Tap gives you flights and related news Google’s Mobile Browser Has Doubled in Popularity Certificate Enrollment for Chrome OS
  10. Google Maps for iOS adds offline navigation, gas prices, and more
  11. Google will stop you recording straight to YouTube from your webcam next month



  1. Why 2016 is poised to be the year that it all comes together for Pinterest
  2. New Pinterest Feature to Push Social Shopping
  3. Pinterest promotes social commerce value
  4. How to use Pinterest’s new price drop alert feature
  5. Pushing Hard on E-Commerce, Pinterest Adds Price-Drop Alerts to Buyable Pins
  6. Pinterest Is Experimenting With A Unique New Browser
  7. How Homebuilders Can Leverage Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram to Generate More Business
  8. Get More Holiday Sales for Your Personal Brand with Pinterest
  9. Expert Tips to Use Pinterest to Plan an Amazing Vacation


  1. LinkedIn Releases Redesigned App for iOS
  2. Online scammers faking LinkedIn accounts
  3. LinkedIn rolls out new Insights tool to prepare you for your dream job
  4. LinkedIn Discontinuing Sales Plus Subscription


  1. Facebook Messenger, Snapchat decline in popularity
  2. Snapchat Released New Trophies, And We Know How To Unlock Them
  3. How To Download Your Snapchat Story
  4. Why Your Business Should Use Snapchat for Marketing
  5. Snapchat lets publishers link directly to their discover content on Facebook, Twitter
  6. Snapchat is checking out your pictures for research
  7. Snapchat update: Immersive video for Snapchat users now available



  1. Middle-Schooler Facing Felony Charge After Allegedly Sending Threats with Emojis on Instagram
  2. Instagram Loves Famous People, Beautiful People And Cats
  3. 2015: The year of the Instagram Celebrity
  4. Brands Benefit From Posting a Ton to Instagram… For Now at Least
  5. How Great Marketers are Leveraging Instagram
  6. How Food52 Quadrupled Its Instagram Following in a Year
  7. Creating a Successful New Year’s Eve Instagram Contest


  1. Periscope: Connecting Classrooms to the World
  2. Now streaming on Periscope: Kmart’s plea for holiday attention
  3. Periscope CEO: How we’re growing live-streaming
  4. Periscope Updated With ‘Themed Hearts’ for the Holidays
  5. 3 Reasons why Periscope Summit is SO worth going to
  6. The year of the live stream: Periscope named top app of 2015

The month of December 2015 has over 165 updates and trends about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Blab, SnapChat, Instagram and Periscope.


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Over 50 Social Media Updates for December 2015



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