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 Spring Clean-up… Keeping Milwaukee clean

Face it, cleaning is always more fun in a group.  Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful is a part of the Great American Clean-up from March 1-May 31st.  Looking to organize a group to help clean up your hood?  Contact Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful to become a site organizer and your group will receive FREE supplies and marketing materials to promote the clean up day in your area.  There are also scheduled clean up days for our community parks and beaches.  For the Great American Clean-up kick off head over to Washington Park on 1859 N. 40th St. on April 18th to get your clean freak on.
The name of my business is Compost Crusader LLC . I started my business back in Apirl 2014. There are a couple of major reaons that motivated me to create my business.  The main one was that Milwaukee businesses were looking for landfill diversion opportunities. So I started up a volunteer non profit that focused on organics diversion and then realized that a for profit entity would be able to divert more material with the proper partnerships.  If I were to start my business again, I would definitely do a few things differently. I would not have used so much of my own finances to get started. I would have approached more micro financing opportunities and would have made sure I had a more thorough business plan in place. My business is in the city of Milwaukee and I really like the amount of support I have received from the organizations that are looking to run their operations in a sustainable way.

Three of my favorite on-line marketing tools are Facebook, twitter, and linked in and I use facebook the most. I use print media as my most favorite off-line marketing tool to let organizations know that landfill diversion options exist and are easy to implement. As I am a locally owned small business, I am always look for more local resources that help with financing and legal issues.
Organics diversion is something that can be easily accomplished with organizations of all sizes. In the next couple of years our landfill will reach capacity and “throwing away trash” will become less and less acceptable. We have a unique opportunity to be proactive and make our city a more sustainable place one compost receptacle at a time.
small business milwaukee, Melissa Tashjian, Compost Crusader LLC Melissa Tashjian, Compost Crusader LLC www.compostcrusader.com , Helping organizations of all sizes strive for landfill independence, compostcrusader@gmail.com 262-394-6075, The connection from dumpster to dirt.
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