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St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Marketing

March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day

Ideas to post:


  • Have a St. Patrick’s Day Sale and post it on social media.


  • Design a post that list reasons why you feel “lucky” and encourage your followers to express why they feel lucky as well.


  • Change your cover on your social media accounts a few days before St. Patrick’s Day to reflect St. Patrick’s Day holiday.


  • Have a contest on St. Patrick’s Day and give away something from your business.


  • Create a board on your Pinterest page about St Patrick’s Day.


  • Use hashtags like: #shamrock, #leprechaun, #Irish, #StPattys, and #StPats.


  • Post fun facts about St Patrick’s Day


  • Post creative images that are fun or educational about St Patrick’s Day.


  • Have employees dress up and take a picture to put on social media


  • Have green colored snacks and drinks in the office and take a picture for social media


  • Post ideas on how to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day party. Provide fans with decorating ideas, recipes, costumes and more.


  • Write a blog article about any activities related and include an image or video

St. Patrick’s Day Social Media Marketing – Milwaukee Tips!


Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

St Patrick’s Day Parade – MILWAUKEE PARADE DAY – MARCH 12, 2016

Post about the parade – Travel Wisconsin


Add your Event! 


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