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Two Step Group Dance Class, social style dance, erin o'boyle,Delafield Two Step Dance


Delafield Two Step Dance

    Event Name: Two Step Group Dance Class

 Begins Sunday, March 6th and is an 8 week specialty series (runs through April 24, with no class on March 27th in observance of Easter)

    Event time: Sunday nights at 7:20pm

    Event location: Social Style Ballroom Dance Studio, located at 3562 Hillside Drive, Delafield, WI at the intersection of Highway 83 and Interstate 94

    Event Description: This is an 8-week group dance class to learn the two step and be ready to dance at your next night out together! This is especially perfect if you are a country music fan. Two step can be danced to almost all country music, old and new!

    How much is the event? $160 per couple for 8 weeks

            Each event starts with an introduction to basic two step dance steps and then each week we build on what you are learning so you can be comfortable and confident to dance at the next function you attend!    You can expect to have a lot of fun; the environment at Social Style is very light and relaxed. Everyone is there for the same reason and in the same boat – wanting to get rid of their two left feet! We have beer and hard ciders in the fridge, so feel free to grab one before class even starts!

            You can expect to leave with knowledge about dancing the two step with your special someone, and you will feel empowered to dance in public!  You can expect to feel much more confident about how you look on the dance floor after attending the event.

Wedding Class

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Also this month, Wedding Dance Group Class! www.socialstyledance.com


Erin O’Boyle has been teaching people to dance for more than 15 years, and loves what she does. She likes to keep the classes simple and fun, so no matter your level of expertise with dancing you can learn in this class!

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