Small Business Milwaukee ThinkTank | September 23, 2021 Recap

Topic: What are your goals that you need to accomplish by the end of the year?

Today’s ThinkTankers discussed goals they’d like to meet before 2021 ends—and how they plan to meet these goals. Learn more about these helpful tips, and how they can improve your business, by reading this ThinkTank recap.

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Valuable Quotes from Our Attendees

To help stay motivated, ThinkTankers shared their end-of-year goals, both large and small, with the group.

Kim Knaak

“My food truck website needs to be done prior to October 13th. It doesn’t need to be complete, but needs to be launched to the public for an upcoming event. #DoneIsBetterThanPerfect”

Catherine Jozwik

“My goals: to get more organized with my work flow. To clean out my spare room and set up an actual office. To strengthen existing business partnerships, and to attract at least one other steady freelancing client.”

Bill Sargent

“(To install) a NEW roof, siding, windows, flooring, countertops, appliances, paint . . . To purge and reorganize all indoor spaces, to establish and implement new media initiatives; to complete new educational endeavors, to launch the new “top secret” brand, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.”

Sara Deacon

“A bench is a place to stop and rest. If I want to keep growing, I can’t think of a bench.
So instead of my goals as benchmarks, I am shifting my focus to think of my goals in terms of checkpoints.”

Caryn Willens

“To have a vision, meditate, research components, organize, and seek experts to help/guide and follow through for success.”

Today’s Attendees

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Bill Sargent, CPP

Greater Milwaukee Area’s best Headshots:
Certified Professional Photographer
President of the Wisconsin Professional
Photographers Association

Kim Knaak, Opportunity’s Knaaking

Coming to you from St. Francis, WI! Enjoying virtual networking to develop relationships as I build Opportunity’s Knaaking. I provide Social Media Management & digital consultations to help small businesses. I also proudly work directly with Tracy Champagne at Small Business Milwaukee as the Director of Membership Services! My hands are full but that’s the way I like it!
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Doug Williams, One Click Inc.
Managed IT, VOIP Phones, website creation and hosting.

Joanna Carlberg, Joanna’s Digital Images

I am a portrait and event photographer in SE Wisconsin. I specialize in photographing families and special events, I digitally restore old photographs, and I am happy to help you with real estate and product photography, and images and video for your website.
You can contact me through my website:, on LinkedIn:, on Instagram: or on Facebook:
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Caryn Willens, Wellness Inspirations LLC 

Holistic Wellness helping people feel better in Mind, Body, Family/Relationships, Finances & Contribution to Society.
Experience a better quality of life & age gracefully using non-invasive, non-drug solutions for wellness.

Jonathan Heider, Split Star Productions

Motivational Public (Keynote) Speaking
Diversity and Inclusion Workshops
Area of Expertise:
Architecture + Accessibility, Accessible Design, Spatial Planning, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Accessibility Code, Diversity and Inclusion, Sensitivity Trained in LGBTQ, Sensitivity Trained in Accessibility, Adoption, Disability Awareness, Athletics, Professional Sports, Mental Health & Athletics, Paralympics, Athletics Discipline & Life Balance
Contact Info
Phone: 920-327-3734

Debbie Kuras, SASI, Inc.

Employee Benefits Plans

Sara Deacon, Life Balance Coach

I support ambitious, career-driven parents to create balance in their lives so that they can bring more of their BEST home to their families.

Laura Van Schyndel

My focus is on getting more qualified leads to your website. I specialize in Google Search Ads and Google My Business.
Free consultations!
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