Social Media Event Marketing


Having an event coming up and looking for additional places to advertise? Try the Small Business Milwaukee audience. You supply the graphic and the event text, we promote your event! The text must be a minimum of 150 words. The image and text are required 3 weeks before the start of the event. Advertising will take place at least two weeks before the event.

We will advertise your event on:

  1. Smallbizmke event newsletter
  2. Smallbizmke Facebook Page event
  3. $10 on a Smallbizmke Facebook Post
  4. Smallbizmke Meet-up Page
  5. Smallbizmke Eventbrite Page
  6. Smallbizmke Website Calendar
  7. Smallbizmke Linkedin Page as an event and a post
  8. Smallbizmke Instagram account post
  9. Smallbizmke Google My Business Account post
  10. Smallbizmke Group Page Post

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