I began using Elegant Themes when I first started designing WordPress Websites. When the Divi Theme first came out by Elegant Themes back in 2013, I tried it out immediately and have primarily built websites using Divi ever since. 


“Divi Is Finally Here, And It’s Our Most Powerful, Flexible & Beautiful Theme Yet”


I immediately fell in love with all of the options the Divi theme provided and the support that I received. Whenever I had a question.. I just asked in the support forum in Elegant Themes and my question would be answered.

The support at Elegant Themes has not only continued over the years but has improved! When you are in the middle of building a website and run into an issue that you don’t know you to fix, having a whole team of people at your fingertips is a service that just can’t be replaced. Not only do they help, but they are very timely in their responses. 

What I like the most about working with the Divi Theme, is that I no longer have to ask my clients about choosing a theme or having to research a theme for them. Now, I just ask the client to look on the internet and find a few websites that they like, and what they like the most about each of those websites. With Divi, you can design the website to just about any look you want. 

Since Divi first come out, the options have become so detailed that I’m always surprised at what function they will come out with next. They all make their improvements based on the feedback of the web designers using the DIVI Theme daily. 

You can purchase the Divi Theme and any other theme by Elegant Themes on their website. They offer a year subscription and a Lifetime Subscription.


They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so joining is Risk-Free!

Cancel your membership or upgrade to a different package at any time after signing up.



Divi Nation


In addition to the online support, there is also a Meet-up Group Called Divi Nation. This group is for anyone who uses the Divi WordPress theme by Elegant Themes. The Divi Community—#DiviNation–is already extremely active in digital spaces. You can see more about us on our website Divi Society.


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