Small Business Milwaukee ThinkTank | July 29, 2021 Recap

Topic: How do you maintain the level of enthusiasm and passion that you had for your business when you first started it?

In today’s ThinkTank, attendees discussed how they remain passionate and enthusiastic about their businesses—even when times are rough.

Learn more about these helpful tips, and how they can improve your business, by reading this ThinkTank recap. Want to contact one of the meeting attendees? Find their information in the article below, and please tell them you learned about their business through this Think Tank article!

Valuable Quotes from our Attendees

Our topic of discussion inspired many of our attendees to share their tips on keeping the passion alive – even in tough times.

Caryn Willens

“Take a step back to move forward when you hit a bump in the road in business.”

Kim Knaak

“I just keep going! I continue to get inspiration from other small businesses (such as networking) to encourage me to continue on – even when things get hard!

It has worked tremendous wonders for me over the last year!”

Catherine Jozwik

“Just keep going” is wonderful advice.

My husband gave it to me a few months ago when I was feeling bummed. Keep going; stay busy and engaged.”

Jonathan Heider

“Continue to focus on the common thread and main concept.

Always have your business’s mission in mind regardless of what steps you are taking that day.”

Timothy Winkler

“Use GANT charts and time blocks.”

Mitch Nelles

“Also, use Kanban boards.”

Today’s Attendees

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Caryn Willens, Wellness Inspirations LLC

Introducing simple concepts to create health, wellness & balance for a better quality of life. 608-738-5221

Kim Knaak – Opportunity’s Knaaking  

Coming to you from St. Francis, WI!  Enjoying virtual networking to develop relationships as I build Opportunity’s Knaaking. I provide Social Media Management & digital consultations to help small businesses. I also proudly work directly with Tracy Champagne at Small Business Milwaukee as the Director of Membership Services!  My hands are full, but that’s the way I like it!

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Jonathan Heider, Split Star Productions

Motivational Public (Keynote) Speaking; Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Area of Expertise: 

Architecture + Accessibility, Accessible Design, Spatial Planning, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Accessibility Code, Diversity and Inclusion, Sensitivity Trained in LGBTQ, Sensitivity Trained in Accessibility, Adoption, Disability Awareness, Athletics, Professional Sports, Mental Health & Athletics, Paralympics, Athletics Discipline & Life Balance

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Phone: 920-327-3734




Timothy Winkler

IT Support – Operations manager


Mitch Nelles, ThunderMKE

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Joanna Carlberg, Joanna’s Digital Images

I am a portrait and event photographer in SE Wisconsin. I specialize in photographing families and special events, I digitally restore old photographs, and I am happy to help you with real estate and product photography, and images and video for your website.

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 Bill Sargent, CPP

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Written by Catherine Jozwik

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