Small Business Milwaukee ThinkTank | August 30, 2021 Recap

Topic: How do you keep the faith when it comes to your business?

Tonight’s ThinkTankers discussed how they maintain a positive mindset regarding their business during tough times. Learn more about these helpful tips, and how they can improve your business, by reading this ThinkTank recap. Want to contact one of the meeting attendees? Find their information in the article below, and please tell them you learned about their business through this Think Tank article!

Valuable Quotes from Our Attendees

ThinkTank participants shared tips on how to remain optimistic, business-wise. A number of ThinkTankers employ daily affirmations—as well as vision boards—to help stay positive and focused.

Ross Younger

“Entrepreneurs seem to give more weight to negative business developments than positive ones. Taking 3 steps back with each step forward is a recipe for disaster!
I try to consciously tip the scales towards positivity to keep myself sane – and encourage myself about new possibilities if the tap has run dry.
Leave your expectations at the door when attending networking events. Sometimes the smallest events will have the best potential connections!”

Caryn Willens

“I start my day with affirmations. I also say affirmations throughout the day. (Also), I have done vision boards for the last 16 years. The results have been amazing!
My faith is in the direction God presented to me when I needed it most.
Every day I fulfill the promise to share the gifts I have been given in empowering others.
There is no such thing as failure. Every situation in life is an opportunity to learn something.”

Sara Deacon

“I get (affirmations) from an app with my meditations (Insight Timer) and sometimes I come up with my own. My latest is “Practice Imperfect.
Ultimately, my faith comes down to what faith I have in MYSELF.
For me, God is also very involved, and really, the people around me can challenge me and offer support or encouragement, but if I don’t test it against MY gut, my beliefs,
my identity, energy, etc. then even their well-meaning words could still limit me in some way.
Step into it fully and embrace who and where you are.
Let go of other people’s expectations, or more accurately, what YOU perceive their expectations to be. That’s just another way to avoid taking responsibility for your own beliefs or identity. It’s an excuse. A crutch.”

Kim Knaak

“I do a vision board. I haven’t done a new one but I think as my visions have changed and continue to grow, that is an amazing way to keep the “faith” in what I’m doing or what I can do.
My faith has grown with the networking relationships I’ve built over the last year. Sometimes like we talked about others see in myself what I may not see and
it increases my faith not only in myself but in others and the relationships
that I’ve built! My network in some instances have become another family to me!”

Sean Stockman

“I start my day at the same time every morning, go through my affirmations,
think about my intentions for the day, exercise, get ready and own the day!”

Doug Williams

“You are the sum of the top five people you surround yourself with.”

Anne Richie

“Something I just read: ‘You can’t hate yourself happy.
You can’t criticize yourself thin.
You can’t shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care. – Jessica Ortner.
I’m excited about exploring the idea of surrounding myself with five people I admire,
who know the quality of my work and can help me find the new path.”

Juan Camilo Ortega

“If God gave you the vision, God gave you the provision.”

Today’s Attendees

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Matt Fox, Cultivate Advisors


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Doug Williams, One Click Inc.
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I can also do this with your 8mm or Super 8 films.
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Caryn Willens, Wellness Inspirations LLC 

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Experience a better quality of life & age gracefully using non-invasive, non-drug solutions for wellness. 


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Sara Deacon, Life Balance Coach

I support ambitious, career-driven parents to create balance in their lives so that they can bring more of their BEST home to their families.


Kim Knaak, Opportunity’s Knaaking

Coming to you from St. Francis, WI!  Enjoying virtual networking to develop relationships as I build Opportunity’s Knaaking. I provide Social Media Management & digital consultations to help small businesses. I also proudly work directly with Tracy Champagne at Small Business Milwaukee as the Director of Membership Services! 

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Juan Camilo Ortega

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