Small Business Milwaukee ThinkTank | August 9, 2021 Recap

Topic: How Do You Stay Open to New Business Opportunities?

In tonight’s ThinkTank, participants shared how they stay receptive to new business ideas and opportunities. Learn more about these helpful tips, and how they can improve your business, by reading this ThinkTank recap. Want to contact one of the meeting attendees? Find their information in the article below, and please tell them you learned about their business through this Think Tank article!

Valuable Quotes from Our Attendees

Our topic of discussion inspired many of our attendees to share their tips on staying open to new business opportunities. 

Milena Dlugi

“(By being) hungry for knowledge. Be open for opportunities, but don’t forget what is important for you and which direction you want to go. Think long-term; balance work and life. Saying ‘yes’ for something is a ‘no’ for something else.”

Kim Knaak

“(With) constant flexibility. (Also), challenge yourself to the scary questions and situations.”

Catherine Jozwik

“I need variety in my work, so I’m always trying to think of new business opportunities.”

Sean Stockman

“To prevent yourself from chasing every shiny object out there, be able to evaluate new opportunities against your standards.
Use your business/personal standards as a filter to weed out things that won’t serve your purpose/mission.
Going through and defining what you are and are not willing to accept is a step towards articulating your standards.”

Caryn Willens

“Focus on your values and integrity, and your purpose when making a decision.”

Al Timm

“Your personal values determine your personal and business future.”

Doug Williams

”Networking groups aren’t always about only finding customers, but building relationships and referral partners.”

Bill Sargent

“If you’ll be the toughest boss you ever had, you’ll be the richest employee you ever had.”

Today’s Attendees

As a thank you for attending, we want to give you a shout-out! 

Kim Knaak – Opportunity’s Knaaking  

Coming to you from St. Francis, WI!  Enjoying virtual networking to develop relationships as I build Opportunity’s Knaaking. I provide Social Media Management & digital consultations to help small businesses. I also proudly work directly with Tracy Champagne at Small Business Milwaukee as the Director of Membership Services!  My hands are full, but that’s the way I like it!

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Bill Sargent, CPP  


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Award-winning Certified Professional Photographer

President of the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association

Doug Williams, One Click Inc.


Managed IT, VOIP Phones, website creation and hosting.

Sean Stockman, Primerica, Corner Street Communications, LLC

I work with middle income families and help them build/manage wealth. I do this by guiding them out of debt, protecting their incomes and helping them chart a course to financial independence. I also work with small business owners to teach financial wellness to employees.


At Corner Street, I provide commercial customers with radio communication and security solutions. This could include security systems, mass notification system, two-way radios and more.


Jeffrey “Jeff” Delwiche

(920) 213-5702 

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Caryn Willens, Wellness Inspirations LLC 

Holistic Wellness helping people feel better in Mind, Body, Family/Relationships, Finances & Contribution to Society. 

Experience a better quality of life & age gracefully using non-invasive, non-drug solutions for wellness. 


Marina Ziolkowski, Zio Bookkeeping

I provide bookkeeping services for online coaches and creatives, freeing up their time to focus on business growth (and better understand where their numbers can take them).



Providing peace of mind to small business owners by helping them meet their daily legal business needs.

Family Legal & Identity Theft Restoration Plans for for a lasting Life Style.

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Written by Catherine Jozwik

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