Small Business Milwaukee ThinkTank | October 14, 2021 Recap

Topic: Myth Busting in your industry

Tonight’s ThinkTankers discussed many items they wished they had when they started their businesses. In general most participants agreed upon some sort of automation to help their businesses run smoothly. Oftentimes we find these items from trying many new things, learning from others and process of elimination.

Learn more about these helpful tips, and how they can improve your business, by reading this ThinkTank recap. Want to contact one of the meeting attendees? Find their information in the article below, and please tell them you learned about their business through this Think Tank article!

Valuable Quotes from Our Attendees

ThinkTank participants discussed products, services or items they wished they had when they initially started their businesses.

Joanna Carlberg

Myth: “I’m not photogenic” – to photographers
Busted: It’s not about the subject, it’s about the photography.

Tracy Champagne

Website Myth: You put up a website and traffic will just come running

Kim Knaak

Social Media Myth – I must post on my platform at “x” time.

Myth: I found this info in an article on the internet so it must be true for my business…

Brent Halfwassen

Myth: Everyone is my customer…
Busted: Your customer is very specific… selling to “Everyone” is too expensive to sell to.

“I showed up with a solution in search of a problem.”

Myth: I heard it from 1 person, so it must be true and applies in every situation.
Truth: Do a little research and find a better answer.

Myth: If it wasn’t written this year (or this month), it is old and isn’t relevant.
Truth: Many of the tools and tips haven’t changed.

Sara Deacon

Coaching myth: “A coach will solve my problem.”
Busted: The perceived problem isn’t usually the problem, and I’m not in the business of solving problems.

Caryn Willens

Believing what they read on the internet, people believe that 1 thing is the fix for their problem. There may be more than 1 thing that is needed.

Chuck Harris

It’s a process, not an event. “If I could snap my fingers and make the problem go away, I would charge a lot more money than I do!” -Chuck

Today’s Attendees
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Bill Sargent, CPP

Greater Milwaukee Area’s best Headshots:
Certified Professional Photographer
President of the Wisconsin Professional
Photographers Association

Tracy Champagne, Small Business Milwaukee

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Joanna Carlberg, Joanna’s Digital Images

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I specialize in photographing families and special events,
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Caryn Willens, Wellness Inspirations LLC 

Holistic Wellness helping people feel better in
MInd, Body, Family/Relationships, Finances & Contribution to Society.
Experience a better quality of life & age gracefully using non-invasive, non-drug solutions for wellness.

Brent Halfwassen – Entrepreneur Coach  

helping business owners grow to profitability and accelerate their success.

Sara Deacon  

How’s your balance? I’m Sara Deacon, a life balance coach helping ambitious professionals create balance so that they can experience more freedom and fulfillment at work AND at home with their families.

Chuck Harris, Accelerated Cash Flow System  

I invite you to do a no cost – no obligation 60 minute discovery session to plot the course to accelerating your cash flow and your business.

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