Small Business Milwaukee ThinkTank | November 1, 2021 Recap

Topic: Small Business Holiday Sales and Business Ideas

Tonight’s ThinkTankers discussed how they will be handling the upcoming holiday season. Special deals, discounts and shopping options included from local businesses. 

Interested in any ideas offered below? Want to contact one of the meeting attendees? Find their information in the article below, and please tell them you learned about their business through this Think Tank article!

Valuable Quotes from Our Attendees

Get specials and ideas from local businesses below!

Anne Richie

Professional Home Staging and Organizing is offering new customers a 10% off 10 hour packages and 20% off the 24 hour package.

I’d love to explore bartering my services for yours. Email me at if you’d like to explore a partnership.

I would love to offer my deals via gift certificates to healthcare workers in the Greater Milwaukee area. If you know someone personally, please let me know.

Sending Thanksgiving and Happy New Year cards are both great options.

Caryn Willens

Donations to Veterans organizations

Offer/bring value with education.

Tracy Champagne

lunch n learn .. 🙂

Today’s Attendees
As a thank you for attending, we want to give you a shout-out!
Bill Sargent, CPP

Greater Milwaukee Area’s best Headshots:
Certified Professional Photographer
President of the Wisconsin Professional
Photographers Association

Tracy Champagne, Small Business Milwaukee

Small Business Digital Marketing, Website Design. Small Business Networking Events.
See all of my links here:

Joanna Carlberg, Joanna’s Digital Images

I am a portrait and event photographer in SE Wisconsin.
I specialize in photographing families and special events,
I digitally restore old photographs, and I am happy to help you with real estate and product photography and images and video for your website.
You can contact me through my website:,
on LinkedIn:,
on Instagram: or on Facebook:
Here is a link to my digital business card:

Caryn Willens, Wellness Inspirations LLC 

Holistic Wellness helping people feel better in
MInd, Body, Family/Relationships, Finances & Contribution to Society.
Experience a better quality of life & age gracefully using non-invasive, non-drug solutions for wellness.

Yamil Cruz Navarro, Primerica  

Financial Services- Business Developer

Debbie Kuras,SASI, Inc.

Employee Benefits Plans

Cindy Van Vreede, Cindy V Video, LLC

I take your VHS tapes and camcorder tapes and put them onto a DVD or Flash Drive. I can also do this with your 8mm or Super 8 films. I do not send you films or tapes out of state. I work in the City of Milwaukee.

Sean Stockman, WestPoint Financial Group

Hello everyone! I’m Sean Stockman with WestPoint Financial Group. I guide entrepreneurs and small business owners in protecting, planning and building their financial futures. Let’s connect as I’d like to know how I can serve your networking efforts!

Al Timm, LUTCF, CITRMS, TFM Benefit Group

Retired but not tired!!! Enjoy bringing value to Bus. Owners and Families with one of my companies Bringing large Co. Benefits to Sm. Companies at Small Companies Budgets.

Joseph LeGrand, Legalshield


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