Darren Fisher, CEO and Founder, SPEARity™

If you’re a forward-looking, busy entrepreneur with precious little free time, this is written for you. It provides compact and meaningful content, offers fresh perspectives on some standard business thinking, and introduces you to the man behind some important messages—someone who just might be able to help you achieve your greatest potential. Meet Darren Fisher.

  • Who Is Darren Fisher?
    Founder and CEO of SPEARity™. Author. Speaker. Coach. Consultant. Air Force veteran. Darren developed an assessment tool called SPEARity™: Smart, Plan, Executive, Analyze, Realign. It helps individuals and organizations think, act, and lead strategically. 
  • Why Listen to What Darren Has to Say?
    Let this anecdote provide the reason: During the pandemic, the majority of his clients either maintained or grew their revenue. More than anything, Darren is grateful they listened to him.

Knowing of his expertise, I was eager to gather some words from this wise man. Turns out, Darren was just as willing to share. During our 30-minute conversation, we touched on some key business topics, most of which entrepreneurs everywhere have encountered (and many still struggle with) at one time or another. I’ve abridged and formatted the discussion to make it easier for you to read and absorb.

  • Should We Pivot or Realign?
    During 2020 and now post-pandemic, the word “pivot” has been used a great deal, as in how individuals and businesses large and small had to pivot to survive. Darren prefers using the word “realignment.” “Pivoting,” he explains, “is just changing course and not necessarily in the direction of your goal. Realignment is a course correction and keeps people on the right path.”
  • Leadership
    Here are two questions all leaders should ask themselves. (1) Do your people want to follow you? (2) Are their lives better as a result of following you? Rather than telling a team what they should want, it’s up to the leader to ask them what they want. Then the leader is responsible for ensuring everyone has everything they need to be successful. Good leaders can reach the goals of the team and the individual. An ineffective team is not always the leader’s fault; there are times when a group is just not ready to be led.
  • The Importance of Failure
    This is so important he’s authored a book entitled, The Confidence Quadrant: Develop an Attitude That Embraces Both Success and Failure. According to Darren, “Our affluent culture has been rapidly erasing from use the very key necessary [failure] to making our success most likely.” He’s admittedly failed a lot, so who better to provide guidance in helping others work through loss and focus on wins? “Life is a bold statement,” says Darren, and, “confident enterprisers are people who embrace failures to be able to adapt, as well as embrace successes, to maintain their confidence.”
  • Crisis Mode
    Panic never works. Now more than ever is the time to remember this “Darrenism,”—if you have time to breathe, you can recover from anything.

According to Darren, “Strategic planning and goal setting will not carry you far if you don’t have a clear picture of the current condition of your business.” To help his clients get that clear picture—and then unlock the potential of their businesses—he created a web app called SPEARity™. He has since “hired some very smart people around [him] to maintain it.”

Here’s a screenshot of the SPEARity™ App:IMAGE

The app provides comprehensive task and time management, goal tracking, and calendar integration; it’s accessible on most devices including Apple IOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows. Here’s what says about its software: “Everyone knows that strategists win. The SPEARity™ app will help create a culture of strategists by aligning everyone to the organization’s goals.”

Darren explains, “The app is where we track the work. Are we moving the needle? If we are, let’s keep doing it. If not, stop. We can assess any person’s effectiveness. The app is all about teaching you the right habits to get the goals you want to achieve.”

Remember what Darren said earlier, “Life is a bold statement”? For some people, being big, brave, and defining in business comes naturally. Sometimes they’re gifted with confidence and a clear vision. For everybody else, we learn as we go. Luckily, there are many tools, people, and resources to guide our journey. The chances are great that Darren Fisher and SPEARity™ have just the right Roadmap To Success to offer fellow travelers. Contact him today and follow him on social media