So you just got a Smallbizmke Membership and, although you understand the products you are getting, you are not sure how to utilize them to their fullest. This article is going to cover all the secrets to using your Smallbizmke Membership to the fullest.

Feature Article

Once approved by you, the feature article will be published on Small Business Milwaukee’s website. We’ll email you the link so you can use the article in your own marketing, as well. Along with putting your feature article on our website, we’ll also post it on our social media channels and highlight it in one of our monthly newsletters. Every year you renew your Small Business Milwaukee membership, we’ll write you another feature article.

Here are some ways to use the feature article in your marketing:

  • Jot down a few comments about your experience with Small Business Milwaukee; use them for a blog post on your site. Include the link to the feature article that appears on Don’t copy the entire article and reprint it on your website. Search engines frown on duplicate content that appears on different sites. It tells them the content is not original and won’t give it a high ranking.


  • Write a short paragraph mentioning highlights in the article, add a link to the article, and pull an image from the article. Once you’ve got this all together, post it on your site’s media or press page—if you have one. If you don’t, contact us…we can help.
  • Share the article on your social media channels. Reword each post a little bit to feature different parts of the article. That way, you’re stretching the use of the content (repurposing).
  • Send the blog post you wrote or a media/press release to your followers in an email campaign. Email marketing is just as important—maybe even more important— than social media.
  • Create a video out of the content that’s in your feature article. It was written by a professional, so it’s perfect for use in a video. Don’t know a video person but want to try this out? We can suggest a few people who create videos. If you’re a videographer, contact us about getting on this list.
  • Create a recording where you read aloud the feature article or have someone interview you about the article.
  • Create a slideshow with images that play while you’re reading your feature article or put text over the images that relate to the article.
  • Use the content from the feature article to refresh or rewrite sections of your website.
  • Go live on social media talking about how excited you are with your new feature article.

There are endless ways you can repurpose content and share it with your followers. If you have ideas of your own, please share them with us! We’d enjoy the opportunity to work together as a team to benefit both your business and ours.

Your Detailed Directory Listing

Your detailed directory listing is a great tool for SEO. When someone searches your business name, your directory listing on our website will show up in the search results—adding one more back link to your website. Back links increase your credibility with search engines and allow you to rank even higher. That’s a great way to stand out from your competition.

To get the best benefits from your directory listing, we suggest you share the listing on your social media platforms and put a link on your website that goes to your listing on our directory.

Being in the Smallbizmke Directory allows you to be found by people looking for your services. Telling people that your listing in the Smallbizmke Directory will increase your credibility as a business, as well. It says you are actively working on your business and you care that people can easily find you.

Like the feature article, we post your Directory listing on our social media channels to help promote your business. We also tag your business on Facebook. If you see that we tagged you, sharing that post and engaging with it will create more awareness of your post. That’s a good thing for you.

Everyone at Small Business Milwaukee has personal and business social media channels and we use them, as well, to share your feature article and Directory listings. So don’t be surprised if you see your listings posted on additional channels.

Free for Members: Classes, Networking, and Workshops

Small Business Milwaukee provides paid and free classes, networking, and workshops. As a member, any paid event is free for you. The event will have a special coupon code. Just contact us and we’ll share the code with you.

The above social media classes and workshops have a value…if you paid for all of them, they would cost more than the price of a Smallbizmke Membership! If you need help with social media, we certainly recommend you attend our classes and workshops. For exact dates and times, see our site’s event calendar. Each class and workshop is run once a month.

Below are some upcoming events. Networking is major player in getting new business and creating new working relationships. We hope you make networking a priority; and remember, our networking events are free!