This class is designed for small business owners who want to do their own social media but struggle in being consistent with posting and/or getting motivated to post anything at all. We teach the basics to get you into the habit of posting…then encourage you to expand. This one-time starter class gives you a system to start posting consistently. If you enjoy this starter class, we encourage you to attend our monthly posting classes to expand your skillset and knowledge base.


You Need to Know:

  • We are not a social media class that takes hours to complete
  • We are not going to charge you a ton of money to join
  • We are not going to give you any kind of certificate
  • You won’t be learning about the psychology behind social media
  • You won’t be learning the best time to post
  • We won’t be studying how to find your voice
  • We won’t be discussing social media trends 
  • We are not going to be talking about Analytics 


How You Benefit:

  • We are going to answer all the questions you ask
  • We are going to show you how to quickly set up a schedule you can follow
  • We are going to show you tools to help you save time
  • We are going to discuss hashtags
  • We are going to discuss what platforms you should use
  • We are going to discuss how often you should you post
  • We are going to show you what types of posts you should post
  • You will receive our cheat sheet you can refer to as needed
  • And then it’s a wrap

Supplies You Will Need:

  • A computer. The class is virtual on Zoom.
  • A Google subscription. We will be using Google documents and sheets


Workshop Description

After you’ve taken the starter class—a prerequisite to join other workshops—join us in this monthly social scheduling event. Schedule your posts with the group. Ask all the questions you have about social media; there will be many now that you’re posting regularly. In these workshops, expect to learn more about: 

  • Posting for SEO Success
  • Postings that will create engagement 
  • Postings that drive sales 
  • Quizzes and giveaways 
  • Local events you can share on your pages
  • Branding your business on social
  • Telling your story through your posts
  • Where to curate your content
  • Paid advertising
  • Targeting the right audience
  • When to spend time on analytics
  • Social media ethics
  • What to do in case you get a complaint

Read more here about what the Workshop looks like. 


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